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Most frequent asked questions and Their answers
1. Put Your Desired Text At The Place Of “Enter Your Text”. Remember Text Should Be Either A-to-Z or 0-to-9.
2. Add Your Desired Emoji At The Place Of “Enter Only Emoji Here”. Remember, You Can Also Add More Than One or Two Emoji Here.
3. You Can Also Put Emoji Via Clicking On Smiley Icon Left Side.
4. Now You Have To Click On The Convert Icon. You Can Also See Your Emoji Written Text Here If You Wish.
5. Now Tap On The Copy Icon To Copy Your Emoji Text or Just Tap On The Share Icon To Directly Share Your Written Emoji Text With Your Friends.
6. If You Want To Delete All The Content Then Tap On The Cross Icon To Clear Everything 
1. Put Your Text At The Place Of “Text For Repeat”
2. Enter The Number, How Many Times You Want To Repeat Your Text, At The Place Of “Numbers To Repeat”.
3. Now Enable The “Add Space” Option If You Want To Add Space Between Texts or Enable The “New Line” Option To Repeat Your Text In Different Lines.
4. Now Just Tap On The Convert Icon To Repeat Your Text.
5. Now You Can Copy Your Repeated Text Via Clicking On Copy Icon or Directly Share The Repeated Text Via Just Simply Tapping The Share Icon.
6. For Repeating Next Text, Just Tap On The Cross Icon To Clean Everything. 

Do You Want To Send WhatsApp Messages To Someone Without Saving His/Her Number? Follow These Steps –

1. Select Country Of The Receiver
2. Enter WhatsApp Number Of The Receiver
3. If You Want To Send Text Message Immediately Then You Can Tick The Send With Text And Add Your Text Message.
4. Now You Just Need To Select WhatsApp If Receiver Have Normal WhatsApp Account Or Select WhatsApp Business Account If The Receiver Have A WhatsApp Business Account.
5. And Boom. Your WhatsApp Is Opened and You Are About To Send That Message To Receiver Without Saving His/Her Number.
6. If You Want To Share Messages On Different Social Media Accounts Then You Can Go To Send To Chat Tab.

1. Add Your Desired Text Here (at the Place of ‘hi’).
2. Now Tap On The Convert Button. Now You Can See Your Given Text Has Been Converted In Lots Of Stylish Fonts.
3. Now You Can Tap On The Copy Icon To Copy Your Stylish Text Or You Can Tap On The Share Icon To Directly Share Your Stylish Text With Your Friends.
4. You Can Tap On “Stylish Arts” If You Want To Add Stylish Arts On Your Text. 
1. Put Number Of Blanks You Want.
2. Now Tick The “New Line” Option If You Want Your Banks In Lines or Just Left It As It Is To Get Spaces In A Single Line.
3. Now Click On Copy Icon To Copy Your Blank Text or Just Tap To Share Icon If You Want To Directly Share Your Blank Text With Your Friends.
4. If You Want To Clear Everything Then Simply Tap On The Cross Icon For Removing Everything.
1. If WhatsApp Status Are Not Visible In The App Then Make Sure That You Have Grant The Permission To Access Your Store.
2. Now Your Status Images And Videos Will Visible Here.
3. This Screen Is In 3 Parts – Pictures, Videos & Saved.
4. To Share Someone’s Status Image or Video Tap On The Share Icon or For Saving Someone’s Status Images And Videos Tap On The Download Button.
5. If You Want To Save Status Of A WhatsApp Business Account Then Tap On The “Business” Button And You Will Be Redirected To An Another Section For Saving WhatsApp Business Account’s Status 
6. In Saved Section, You Can Find Your Saved Status
1. Enter Your Text At The Place Of “Hi”. Make Sure That You Are Using English Language And Spellings Are Correct.
2. You Given Text Will Be Automatically Translated Into Emoji If Everything Is Ok.
3. Now You Can Tap On Copy Icon To Copy Your Translated Text or You Can Tap On Share Button To Directly Share Your Translated Text With Friends. 
4. If You Want To Translate A New Sentence Then Simply Tap On Clear Icon To Clear Everything Easily.

Do You Have Something Interesting Message To Share With All Of Our Users? Follow These Steps –
1. Click On The Pencil Icon Right Corner (Down Side) Of Your Phone.
2. A Popup Will Appear Where You Can Write That Message.
3. After Writing Your Message, Click On The Post Button And Wait For Our Moderator To Moderate Your Message.
4. If The Moderator Found Your Message Ok Then Your Message Will Be Published.
5. If You Want To Copy or Share Someone’s Message Then You Can Do So Via Clicking On Copy or Share Button.

Want To Write A Message By Using Multiple Feture Of”Smart Tool Pro”? You Can Access Post Creator From All Text Related Featurer Of “Smart Tool Pro” e.g. Repeat The Text. On Top Right Corner Have A Notepad Icon To Open “Post Creator” From Any Where.

1. You Have 10 Notepads To Note Your Message. Click On Any One

2. Write Your Message. It Will Be Save Automatically Until Your Don’t Delete It Yourself.

3. Now If Your Want To Share This Message With Someone Else, Click On The Share Button. Also You Can Share This Message Via Various Social Media Apps Installed In Your Phone.

4. If You Want To Copy This Message Then Click On Copy Icon.

5. If You Want To Delete This Message Then You Can Click On Cross Icon, It Will Delete This Message Permanently.

Repeat The Text Have Limit Of 65536 Words Because WhatsApp Allows You To Share Highest 65536 Words In One Message.

Because If You Exceed This Limit, Your Phone Will Hang After Adding Any More Single Lines! And We Dont Want To Harm Our User’s Device.

Currently It Is Not Possible To Translate Other Characters But We Are Working To Make It Possible. 

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